Monday, June 28, 2010

For second year in a row
Forbes under reports Miley Cyrus income
When is the public going to learn
mainstream media full of ca-ca?

One year ago posted how Forbes reported Miley Cyrus made $25-million in 2008 when she made $150-million+. Guess what, Forbes was generous this year upping Cyrus to $48-million.

Forbes must be a LOT smarter at the new math than me, In 2009, Cyrus did 51 concerts - announced on this site first in April, 2009 (also announced her 2010 tour first week in May)- i
ncluding the United Kingdom earning $1-million per concert. According to Forbes' New Math that's well under $48-million, because Forbes had to include the 26 episodes of Hannah Montana, where Cyrus got an estimated $20,000 per episode (before 4th season sign on bonus). Then two movies, one called Hannah Montana, the other Last Song. Three CDs, Time of Our Lives, Hannah Montana 3 and Hannah Montana the Movie. Don't forget the merchandising deal with Walmart that added greatly to her 2009 income.

Yes, Forbes says $48-million. Everyone is buying it too. Not me. I, as Hilary Duff says, do the math. I put her near $150,000 for the second year in a row. Her total wealth near or over 1/2-billion $$.

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