Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Selena Gomez Live Like There's No Tomorrow
Not available
Nor Ramona & Beezus soundtrack

The Live Like There's No Tomorrow Selena Gomez song from Ramona and Beezus backs up the trailer to the movie, due in U.S. theaters July 23, but no word on when the song or soundtrack will be released.

Here's what Wikipedia reports today: There are no tracks confirmed for this film yet, except for one song, "Live Like There's No Tomorrow", by Selena Gomez.

Still say try to remember any of the movie's stars, other than Gomez, in 2020.

Tween music resurrected
Justin Bieber My World 2.0
Tops Billboard 200 tomorrow
Next week Usher #1

It's been almost a years since Tween Music died, but Justin Bieber, the youngest male vocalist to hit Billboard's Top 200 in nearly 50 years (Stevie Wonder, 13, 1963) resurrected it during Easter week. Bieber's My World 2.0 leads the pack, followed by Monica's Still Standing, debuting at #2.

Still waiting for Bieber's sister, Ima, to release her CD.

Bieber sold nearly 300,000 CDs in a week, making him nearly a half-million dollars. That should get him a nice car. Mr. Bieber, take some advice. Commercial real estate is down. Ten years from now you'll have something to fall back on.

Usher's Raymond Vs. Raymond's sales are so entrenched, it is a sure thing for next week's #1 spot.

In other news, Miley Cyrus The Last Song opens today. When will the DVD be out?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Personal prediction
Miley Cyrus The Last Song
#1 at box office

Personal prediction is Miley Cyrus' The Last Song will do just more than half of what Hannah Montana movie did, $34-million its opening weekend; I'm predicting $23-million, if that.

It opens Wednesday, March 31. Up against movies that traditionally open on Fridays, including Tina Fey and Steve Carell in
Date Night, something called Letters to God. Also, The Good, The Bad, The Wierd; The Square and this year's answer to Cadillac Records, Who Do You Love, another film about Leonard Chess. When will the Phil Spector movies start?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Miley Cyrus American Idol
One tough gig

Performing is tough. Miley Cyrus is a professional, but I count four missed notes during her American Idol performances. How would the judges react to that if she was one of the idols? Would she stay or go?

Happy 22nd birthday
Brenda Song
London Tipton
Zack & Cody

Shares birthday with Black Eyed Peas Fergie, bluesman Robert Lockwood Jr., Xuxa, Genesis keyboardist Tony Banks, from China, JJ Lin, and blues-torch singer Sarah Vaughan.

Watch for her and Malese Jow in The Social Network, opening Oct. 15.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

You know you're a nobody
If you haven't seen Last Song Movie
By tomorrow morning

In 1942 Aaron Copeland wrote Fanfare for the Common Man. Emerson, Lake and Palmer covered it 25 years later.

The Last Song movie opens Wednesday, but it premiers tonight at Los Angeles' ArcLight Hollywood Cinema. Right now watching Miley at premiere via KABC's On The Red Carpet.

It may be Alyson Michalka's 21st birthday, but the person she had a facial with on Tuesday is going and neither of the Michalka sisters were invited. They sit watching Repo Man while Ashley Tisdale is enjoying the premier. Both Tisdale and birthday girl Michalka are filming the Hellcats movie, too.

ashleytisdale On my way to the last song premiere!!! Can't wait to see it!

78violet At The Tranquility Tea Room with Aly! We've been going to Tea Rooms ever since we were little! Xo AJ

78violet Celebrating Aly turning 21! I'm hosting a big bash for her on April 2nd, might have a lil more than just tea at that one ;) Xo AJ

78violet Of course what movie would we be going to after tea? Not the obvious, Alice In Wonderland....REPO MEN!!!! Xo AJ

There were even online contests to see the premier. Since I sit in the Sonoran Desert and haven't seen Alice in Wonder, Repo Man, The Runaways; you know I'm not one of the blessed people going to The Last Song premiere. Fanfare to the Common Man, indeed.

Alyson Michalka
Old enough to drink
Shares birthday with
Elton John, Jeff Healey

Thursday, March 18, 2010

May have found Selena Gomez
Live Like There's No Tomorrow
from Ramona & Beezus
Troniks sound like Neil Young

Selena Gomez hypes Ramona & Beezus
Live Like There's No Tomorrow
video missing

Selena Gomez is hyping the show Ramona and Beezus but there appears to be no video of the song, Live Like There's No Tomorrow, which does not have The Scene after it.

Also, other than Gomez, tell me any of the actors/actresses from
Ramona and Beezus that you'll remember in 2020.

Orianthi: Overnight sensation
Three years in the making
21st Century Eddie Van Halen?

She's an overnight sensation being on American Idol last night. According to You peaked at #17 on Billboard's Hot 100, this week #18. Ryan Seabiscuit calls her one of rocks newest pioneers.

Orianthi started earlier than 2007. I became familiar because of the Bratz soundtracks (one of the best and the movie had Malese Jow and fellow Sonoran desert inhabitant Chelsea Staub). The same year as Bratz, she had a CD Violet Journey that is probably as rare as Jonas Brothers' It's About Time.

Thought the hot woman in We Are The World 25 was Colbie Calliat. Now need to go back and see if it was Orianthi. Gotta love a woman who has a custom made 24-fret Paul Reed Smith guitar and names it (Pepper - same as my first dog)!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Miley Cyrus movie
Last Song soundtrack officially announced

The Last Song soundtrack was announced by Amazon today and will be available March 23. The set list is exactly as described on last month's blog here.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

How RUDE is Nick Jonas?
Visits MY Sonoran desert
Doesn't bring Administration
Doesn't even call

John Taylor, of Jonas Brothers' Love Bug fame, Tweets, @nickjonas smashed the ball today during Dodgers batting practice. Nick Tweets, Had an amazing time at spring training with the Dodgers and my boy @johnlloydtaylor Definitely a dream come true

How rude of Mr. Jonas to visit my Sonoran desert and not bring The Administration for a gig. If Mr. Jonas sticks around for St. Patrick's Day, he can enjoy his beloved Dodgers playing a Cactus League home game against the Chicago White Sox when it will be 80 degrees.

Well, Mr. Jonas, you missed a lovely St. Patrick's Day parade today. While you where shagging balls (did you bring Selena Gomez?), I spent the day in 72 degree weather watching six bands - not a one of them The Administration.

Wednesday you can get into the Phoenix Art Museum free, Mr. Jonas (like you can't afford it) and see rare Ansel Adams photographs - that's after you shag your Dodgers' balls.

Ironically Mr. Jonas visits Arizona when it is spring break. If he were old enough, he could catch comedian Chelsea Handler. He can watch the Ostrich Festival running nearly two decades (has music); the Renaissance Festival, professional bull riding, Aloha Festival. Flogging Molly will be here Wednesday. Both Black Eyed Peas and Paul McCartney the same week as WWE Wrestlemania. Tonight you could catch the Rhythm Room All Stars, probably best blues band in the world - oops, there's that age thing again. If this strikes you, there's something called the Samurai Comic Anime Fest. Drunk Otis plays Joe's Grotto on St. Pat's - dang, that age thing again. Sevendust are here tomorrow, or catch a Suns home game.

Of course, you may believe there's nothing to do in the desert and already be headed back to Los Angeles or Texas - oh, did you visit (your) grandma in southwest Phoenix while you were here, young man?

You could always run into Mohammad Ali, as I did two weeks ago. Nils Lofgren of Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band, all of Dokken, Dave Mustaine, Sam Moore of Sam & Dave, Twilight author Stephenie Meyer, Malcolm in the Middle's Frankie Muniz. Maybe not enough for you to do in the desert.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Miley Cyrus coming back to Twitter

You can tell Miley Cyrus wants back on Twitter. She steals Hannah Montana co-star Emily Osment's Smartphone and posts pictures. Look at Miley's Twitters using Emily Osments phone, She doesn't want her own, she just wants mine. - from Osment

From Miley, Dare to me to eat them all? Hahahahahahah Emily doesn't know I have her phone mwahhahahahahaha