Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Last Song sountrack announced
Don't believe everything you read

Blog The Playlist is listing the new soundtrack to The Last Song. I've heard there will be many instrumentals, like those old time soundtracks. Since Miley Cyrus blew it with The Time of Our Lives EP, releasing the songs that were suppose to be from the film.

"The Last Song" Soundtrack Tracklisting

1. OneRepublic “Tyrant”
2. VHS or Beta “ Bring On The Comets”
3. Eskimo Joe “Setting Sun”
4. Miley Cyrus “When I Look At You”
5. The Paper Raincoat “Brooklyn Blurs”
6. Ra Ra Riot “Can You Tell”
7. Jose Gonzales “Down The Line”
8. Iron & Wine “Each Coming Night”
9. Miley Cyrus “I Hope You Find It”
10. Maroon 5 “She Will Be Loved”
11. Alpha Rev “New Morning”
12. Edwin McCain “Broke Down Hearted Wonderland”
13. Allstar Weekend “A Different Side of Me”
14. Valora “No Matter What”
15. The Ravonettes “Heart Of Stone”
16. Aaron Zigman “Steve’s Theme”

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bret Michaels Miley Cyrus or is it
Cheryl Crow and Kid Rock
Release Nothing to Lose

Ke$ha Tik Tok dethroned by
Black Eyed Peas
Sets no records

Following nine weeks at #1 on Billboard's hot singles chart, Ke$ha's Tik Tok fell to #2, being toppled by Imma Be by Black Eyed Peas.

Ke$ha fell short of setting any records.

This is the third #1 from Black Eyed Peas' The E.N.D. (Energy Never Dies). They are also following Building the Band Brand: Becoming famous in the 21st Century advice and touring, touring, touring.

From The E.N.D., I Gotta Feeling is tied for #2 all time #1 length (14 weeks) with Mariah Carey's One Sweet Day. Boom Boom Pow also came in second for number of weeks on the 2009 top singles chart, behind I Gotta Feeling.

Yet, Ke$ha so far holds the longest selling #1 song of 2010, holding on for nine weeks.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Aly and AJ 78violet
Dumped by record label

Rather than sending out a Twitter or Facebook comment, 78violet Aly & AJ sent this email, we can tell you we’re no longer a part of Hollywood Records. What does that mean exactly??? Now we have the freedom to take 78violet in the direction we want. We’re writing and recording new music and are really excited on what’s next.
They added, We’re going to be taking the Aly & AJ website down. That pretty much means they were dumped by their label, Hollywood Records and their CDs are headed to the cutout bin.
Finalizing the fiasco, they added, As for the album we recorded for Hollywood, honestly, we don’t foresee it ever being released. But…we are continuing to write and record new songs that we hope you’ll love as much as we do. That pretty much means Hollywood saw no commercial value to the stuff they've done since their last album, Insomniatics (released in 2007 - three years ago).
A year ago I blogged Whatever happened to Aly & AJ. The advice was to tour. In the forthcoming book, Building the Band Brand: Becoming famous in the 21st Century, there's a whole chapter (one of the longest in the book) on the need to tour.
Another point that may have contributed to the demise of 78violet’s association with Hollywood was a lack of focus (goal setting, again in the book). Like so many girls who want to be musicians, they go off on an acting tangent and forget the music (seems to have happened to Vampire Diaries Malese Jow, plus many more that won’t be mentioned. Jow is realizing more success in acting than she was with music, but I love her voice.).
Best of luck to Aly and AJ for several years you were my favs. On stage, you were in the David Bowie quality. Going to miss you.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Putting on the income breaks
Miley Cyrus falls from half million per day
in 2009 to $3,500 per day in 2010

TMZ recently reported Selena Gomez makes $11,000 per show for The Wizards of Waverly Place. Believe it or not, Miley Cyrus makes little more for the fourth season of Hannah Montana.

Cyrus had a fabulous 2009. She had her book, Miles to Go. She filmed The Last Song and had the Hannah Montana movie.

She released three albums – Hannah Montana movie soundtrack, The Time of Our Lives and Hannah Montana 3. Each sold extremely well and placed millions in her pocket.

Her biggest $$$ maker in 2009 was the Wonder World tour with 45 dates that netted $1-million per show, not including the T-shirt and show items sales.

Let’s be generous at Hilary Duff Miley Cyrus’ financial outlook for 2010. She has a few movie projects in the offering, but nothing concrete. She is currently filming the final season of Hannah Montana, 26 episodes that ends filming in March. Let’s be generous - $600,000 for those 26 episodes. No CD in the offering, but it would be foolish of Disney not to offer one last Hannah Montana soundtrack, like they did with the Lizzie McGuire movie that sent Hilary Duff into career oblivion.

Cyrus may be filming Wings this year, but IMDB lists the project in development and no filming announced.

She has royalties from all her past material, and she may even make some $$$ from The Last Song, if it breaks even. There will also be a soundtrack from that movie. That appears to be it for Cyrus for 2010.

Again, being generous, from royalties and the Walmart revenue – if there is any residuals from that – she’s making another $600,000 for the year. That equates to roughly $3,500 per day. Going to be rough, how is she going to live off that? Seems the economy is bad in Disney universe like everywhere else.

Ke$ha longest #1 song for 2010 - Tik Tok

Two more weeks and Ke$ha will be the longest charting debut female singer in history. She's on her 9th week at #1 with Tik Tok. If she stays on top of the heap next week, she ties Debbie Boone's 10 week record for debut female vocalist with You Light Up My Life from 1977.

Question is, will she be dethroned by We Are The World? Lady Antebellum came close last week
, but fell to #6 while Ke$ha maintains her top slot. We Are The World debuts at #2.

Hey 19 (Steely Dan reference)
Happy birthday Malese Jow
(LOVE your voice! pt. 2)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

18; legal
Meaghan Jette Martin
(LOVE your voice!)

What does Miley Cyrus The Last Song movie
have in common with Amanda Seyfried Dear John

Wonder how hottie Amanda Seyfried is tied to Miley Cyrus? Both star in 2010 in a movie written by Nicholas Sparks. Dear John has grossed $56-million in two weeks. Miley Cyrus prays The Last Song will do that well.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bounce and other Jonas Brothers gossip
Where have I been?
Nick+Selena (Nilena)
Joe+Demi (Domi)

Okay, where have I been? Just discovered Bounce by the JoBros and Demi Lovato. Been out nearly six months.

In other JoBro news, Nick is back with Selena, Joe is back with Demi and Kevin isn't divorced - YET.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ke$ha stays at #1
Today Taylor Swift continues fall

Ke$ha reigns supreme this week at #1 with Tik Tok. She's also positioned herself with Blah, Blah, Blah - a smart move.

Will Lady Antebellum knock her off the throne next week?

Taylor Swift's Today was a Fairy Tale continues its downward descent, going from #22 to #39. Fearless, the single, came back into the charts at #99.

After three and a third years on the chart, Swift's self-titled album jumps three spots to #62 - far from the bottom of the 200. It will end up one of the longest albums on the charts.

Swift's Fearless (album) also jumped from #13 to #7 after one and a third years on the charts. Could her role in Valentine's Day movie be effecting the charts?

Bye-bye Jonas Brothers
Nick Jonas debuts #3
Billboard top 200

Once more from my daughter, Nick to Kevin & Joe - "We're not Hanson."

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Poor Ashley Tisdale
Guilty Pleasure fails to sell
Billboard report on Tween queens

Selena Gomez and the Scene's debut album has sold 387,000 copies in the U.S. to date, according to Nielsen SoundScan. The set has spent 18 weeks on the Billboard 200, peaking at No. 9 upon its debut in October. The album's single Naturally debuts on both Dance/Club Play Songs (No. 39) and Pop Songs (No. 40) this week.

Tisdale's debut effort, 2007's Headstrong, has shifted 478,000 units. Her sophomore set, last year's Guilty Pleasure, has sold 74,000 copies. The releases reached Nos. 5 and 12, respectively, on the Billboard 200.

Lovato's Don't Forget (No. 2, Billboard 200, 2008) has totaled 473,000 units sold. Here We Go Again (No. 1, 2009) has moved 369,000 copies. - Billboard 2-9-10

Monday, February 8, 2010

Will The Last Song be
Miley Cyrus Hiroshima?
Opening date changed 3rd time
Now Wednesday, March 31

Once more The Last Song, Miley Cyrus' 2010 movie, has changed its opening date. Originally due out in January, then April 2, the opening date has been changed to a Wednesday, avoiding direct competition from Clash of the Titans and Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married Too?

Personal prediction is Cyrus' movie may, just may, do $40-million opening week - with the mid-week opening included (gut tells me not even $25-million). Yet Tyler Perry will win at the box office.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ke$ha still #1 Tik Tok
Taylor Swift Today was a Fairytale
Takes a landslide

Ke$ha remains king of the hill, #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 again (Billboard says 17 weeks, but other reports are seven weeks). Taylor Swift's Today was a Fairytale, which I predicted would dethrone Tik Tok, tumbled all the way to #22 its second week. Could Taylor Swift be pulling a Miley Cyrus? Popularity waning?