Monday, November 30, 2009

Last chance to see Jonas Brothers in 2009
Possibly ever with Nick
What happens in San Juan
Stays in San Juan

The same day Selena Gomez plays Tempe, Arizona, and yes, her PR team has ignored all requests from this blog, you can catch the final 2009 show of the Jonas Brothers tour in San Juan, P.R. Maybe the last show ever with Nick.

While you're at it, enjoy a Major League Beisbol (Baseball) game, watching your favorite U.S. diamond stars.

On Dec. 13, JBs play the Coliseo, or Coliseum, of San Juan. Playoffs for the Puerto Rican league is Dec. 11.

The JBs love sports. Maybe they'll be smart enough to play in a MLB game while in Puerto Rico. Say hi to my friends Mario & Pieto, Joe, Kevin & Nick. Went to college with Mario.

Nick Jonas & Administration
Opening act announced
Diane Birch

Nick Jonas & Administration
Winter tour schedule
Goodbye Kevin & Joe
Remember, it was a winter tour that
killed Buddy Holly

January 2 Dallas, TX House of Blues - On sale 12/5 at 10 AM

January 4 Nashville, TN Ryman Auditorium - On sale 12/5 at 10 AM

January 6 Washington, DC Warner Theater - On sale 12/5 at 10 AM

January 7 New York, NY Beacon Theater - On sale 12/5 at 11 AM

January 9 Philadelphia, PA Tower Theater - On sale 12/12 at 10 AM

January 12 Boston, MA Orpheum Theater - On sale 12/12 at 10 AM

January 16 Detroit, MI Fox Theater - On sale 12/12 at 10 AM

January 17 Chicago, IL Rosemont Theater - On sale 12/5 at 12 PM

January 19 St. Louis, MO The Pageant - On sale 12/12 at 11 AM

January 20 Milwaukee, WI Eagles Ballroom - On sale 12/12 at 10 AM

January 21 Minneapolis, MN State Theater - On sale 12/11 at 12 PM

January 23 Denver, CO Paramount Theatre - On sale 12/12 at 10 AM

January 26 Los Angeles, CA The Wiltern - On sale 12/12 at 10 AM

January 30 Berkeley, CA Zellerbach Auditorium - On sale 12/12 at 12 PM

In case you didn't get the memo
Taylor Swift in the studio
New CD on its way?

Hmm.. Could Taylor Swift be spending her holidays - before she kicks off her 2010 tour - recording a new CD? Let's check her Twitter - taylorswift13 If I had a dime for every time my producer and I blurt out the same thing at the same time, followed by an awkward,uncoordinated high five..

Saturday, November 28, 2009

How to kill your career when you turn 17
Record Santa Claus is Coming to Town
A mistake Taylor Swift never made

Colbie Caillat releases Christmas song
Putting Swiing into the Holidays

Save yourself some $$$ this year. Forget the Viagra or Cialas. Put on Colbie Caillat's Have Yourself a Very Merry Christmas. What a voice.

Consumer alert
Don't pay expensive prices for
Taylor Swift Sounds of the Season
Holiday Collection

Don't pay those expensive prices on Taylor Swift's EP Sounds of the Season/Holiday Collection. It is #20 this week on Billboard's Top 200 albums. You can get it at Target for $6.99.

Originally released in 2007, it was a collectors item. Target smartly re-issued it this year due to Swift stealing Miley Cyrus' capability to turn everything she touches into gold. I know, Miley who?

Nick to Kevin & Joe
We're not Hanson
Future of Jonas Brothers band

My daughter came up with Nick Jonas' answer to Kevin and Joe when they ask about the future of the Jonas Brothers band - We're not Hanson. Perfect answer if Nick thinks about it!

If Joe and Kevin want a Jonas Brothers band, Frankie better learn how to play piano, guitar and drums.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Holiday time means breakups
Nick Jonas premiering new single
New band without brothers

Holidays have traditionally been a time for breakups. Nick Jonas is breaking up with his brothers - at least as far as concerts and music are concerned. He's formed a new band, The Administration, that will release its first single, Who I Am, Dec. 3, the day after performing it on the Grammy nominations Dec. 2.

Jonas has recruited members of Prince's former band. He will continue to appear in ABC's Jonas Brother TV show, plus J.O.N.A.S., which is scheduled to appear sometime in 2010. He will also tour in the spring with The Administration - not the Jonas Brothers.

A CD by the same name as the single is due out Feb. 2, songs reportedly include a remake of Jonas Brothers
Tonight. Other tentative titles include, The Rose Garden, Olive & An Arrow, Conspiracy Theory and State of Emergency.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Who told you
Dancing with the Stars
Donnie Osmond
10 days ago?
Adding to AMA accurate predictions

Okay, who predicted Donny Osmond on Nov. 14? You're right. Marketing $ociologist was right; as right as four out of four American Music Award predictions. Who's bragging? It's the truth!

Monday, November 23, 2009

She may be 17 today but
You can get into Miley Cyrus pants Friday
Discounted, too
As yesterday as Hilary Duff

Christmas shopping has gotten better for parents this year. Those Miley Cyrus clothes will be discounted at Walmart on Friday. Along with the flat screen TVs, computers and cameras, the Miley Cyrus collection is on sale.

Imagine the joy and sounds as your child opens her Christmas present and says,
Miley Cyrus. You're kidding. She's as yesterday as Hilary Duff. Couldn't you find any Kristin Stewart or Taylor Swift?

Happy 17th birthday Miley Cyrus
Not even legal and makes $500,000 per day
How long before she’s a billionaire?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

American Music Awards 2009
Will Lady GaGa steal Taylor Swift’s crown?
Beyonce wins

First, let’s give Taylor Swift the favorite female country artist right now. Let’s give Michael Jackson pop/rock favorite album. Doubt if Swift is a match for death.

Beyonce will walk with favorite female soul/r&b artists.

Unlike other music prognosticators, I don’t believe Michael Jackson will triumph in the artist of the year. Believe it will go to Swift, due to the money factor, but Lady GaGa has a chance due to popularity.


NOV 22

6:41 p.m. - Taylor Swift beats Lady GaGa best female pop/rock. That was a given, as is country female

7:15 - Beyonce best female soul/R&B, what did I tell you?

8:12 In your face - best female country - Swift!

8:53 - If you're counting, 4 out of 4 Swift best artist while Jackson gets album.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Miley Cyrus tour bus reportedly involved in
crash; driver dies

Three days before her 17th birthday, Miley Cyrus’ tour bus was reportedly involved in a crash on Interstate 85 near Richmond, Va.

TV station WTVR reports, DINWIDDIE - A tour bus has crashed on Interstate 85, injuring several people and killing one.

It happened at mile marker 55, that's right in front of the rest area.

Sources tell CBS 6 it is the tour bus of singer Miley Cyrus and that her driver has died in the crash. According to her Cyrus' website her next concert is this Sunday in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Our Senior Reporter Wayne Covil is on the scene right now and tells us Miley Cyrus was not on the bus and is not at the scene. We'll have a live report on CBS 6 News at Noon

Richmond Times-Dispatch reports, RICHMOND, Va.—One person was killed when a Miley Cyrus tour bus overturned on southbound Interstate 85 in Dinwiddie County, officials said this morning. Cyrus was not on the bus. There were 15 people on the bus, but no other casualties were immediatey reported, Virginia State Police said.

Highway officials closed Interstate 85 at mile marker 55.

Cyrus was scheduled to play Long Island, NY last night and Greensboro, NC on Sunday.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy 19th birthday Shanica Knowles
Hannah Montana nemesis Amber Andesen ooooh

From Super Sweet 16, Jump In, Hannah Montana to one of the sweetest voices on MySpace, happy 19th Ms. Knowles.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Correction: Emily Osment All the Right Wrongs
Charting second week on
Billboard Top 200

Would like to publicly apologize. Previously reported Emily Osment's All the Right Wrongs had not charted on Billboard. It is in its second week, topping at 117 on the charts, this week 168.

When searching Osment on Billboard, it says (also, no listing of All the Right Wrongs when you search it on Billboard),

Live Dates

No events scheduled.

Upcoming Releases

No upcoming releases.


No recent reviews available.

News & Features (0)

no matches found

Searching the charts, there is no photo of the CD, so I missed it two weeks in a row. Wishing Osment success as great as her voice.

Also found this review on Billboard:

After flirting with teen pop on her early recordings, Emily Osment underwent a rock & roll makeover for her debut EP, All the Right Wrongs. Songwriting sessions with Eve 6 and Plain White T's yielded enough punky fodder for this six-track disc, which still bears traces of Disney-approved pop but also features songs like "You Are the Only One." A spunky, '80s-styled ode to adolescent love that features Osment's rawest vocal to date, "You Are the Only One" proves that Osment may eventually eclipse her Disney peers, provided she has more songs like this in her arsenal. ~ Andrew Leahey, All Music Guide

Torn between Kelly Osbourne and Donny Osmond
Never watched Dancing with the Stars
Tough choice

Truth in blogging. I have watched Dancing with the Stars. Miley Cyrus was on it, Demi Lovato was on it, Selena Gomez fell in love on it. Saw all of them on YouTube, so is that watching Dancing with the stars?

Just found out two of the four finalists are Kelly Osbourne and Donny Osmond.

Fell in love with Kelly Osbourne's voice from the very first note of her Shut Up CD, later renamed Changes. She was Tween Music before the genre existed.

I loved Donny for being the first guy to show his pubic hair on the cover of Rolling Stone. Wait, that was David Cassidy. I've always gotten them confused. Way back in the '70s Alice Cooper sang Department of Youth from Welcome to My Nightmare. Live he would sing, We've got the power, and who gave it to you - Donnie (yes, it was Donnie, not Donny back then - remember Donnie & Marie?) Osmond, Donnie Osmond.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Taylor Swift youngest winner
CMA Entertainer of the Year

Why wait for tonight. We all know who's going to be named CMA entertainer of the year. Ironic ABC Television has this awards show and six months from now we have the ACM Awards. Disney knows how to make $$$$, pitch those country music awards shows.

Would bet Swift would take home the female vocalist award, but ABC is smart. Need to cover the baby-boomer audience, so most likely will go to Reba McEntire or Carrie Underwood. Personally, I vote for Selena Gomez! Aly & AJ would have won, but haven't heard from them musically since that newly discovered African dinosaur roamed the earth.

Also predicting Swift's Fearless gets album of the year. Could also go to Sugarland. Anyone else is a shill.

Start a Band by Brad Paisley with Keith Urban has a shot at beating Swift's Love Story for video of the year. Wait, who are we kidding? This is ABC awards where $$$$ rules - Swift! Beyonce if Kanye West is judging.

What, 15 didn't get nominated for song of the year? Swift not in that category?
8 p.m. update - Album of the year - Fearless!
8:30 p.m. update - Video of the year, no, not Beyonce, Love Story.

9:15 p.m. - Marketing $ociologist correct again - Taylor Swift CMA entertainer of the year!