Thursday, December 18, 2014

Selena Gomez leaves Hollywood Records for Interscope; Taylor Swift expected to follow

In case you missed it, Selena Gomez jumped from Hollywood Records over the weekend, where she signed in 2008, to Interscope Records (why do these companies still call themselves "record" instead of entertainment companies?).

The split was totally expected for most of 2014, with the release of a greatest hits CD, "The Heart Wants What It Wants," fulfilling her contract with Hollywood.

Gomez joins artists like Madonna, Eminem, U2, Dr. Dre and more at Interscope. Hollywood is left with only two prominent acts, Demi Lovato and R5.

"1989" is also expected to be Taylor Swift's last CD for Big Machine label. It is possible/probable she too is in discussion with Interscope.