Sunday, August 19, 2012

Orianthi response to
playing with Taylor Swift
":) that would b cool! I'm a fan she is great !"

Hope I'm not breaking a confidence. On July 14, 2012, blogged that Taylor Swift should have Orianthi on her upcoming tour as Swift's guitarist. Opening act wouldn't be bad either, but Swift has had lame opening acts.

Orianthi sent this direct message on Twitter today, ":) that would b cool! I'm a fan she is great "

Arguably Orianthi is currently the greatest living guitarist. Almost a year on the road with Alice Cooper has refined her playing.

So let's look at the similarities. Both are blond, both are in their 20s, one 27, the other 22, neither should be dating 18-year old boys. Both have an accent. One from "down south" and the other from "down under." Both have "signature" brand guitars.

Start a movement to have Swift add Orianthi as her guitarist!

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