Thursday, November 6, 2008

Breakout by Miley Cyrus

So many in the media don’t get it. They’re sayng Breakout by Miley Cyrus means her maturing. Sure she makes like $400,000 per day, but come on, she’s 15. At 15, when you say Breakout, you mean a zit on your face. It was even a Hannah Montana episode. How dumb is mainstream media?

Reviewing the CD, Cyrus’ voice breaks in many spots, revealing she is 15. Yet the production is lavish. Was ready to laugh at “Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” originally done in a previous century by Cindy Lauper. The strings and drums make it a terrific performance. This is the secret to the whole CD, and everything else coming out of the Disney stable – outstanding production. Disney leads the music industry towards the start of the 21st Century’s second decade.

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