Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Next big thing

Half a decade ago, I remember walking past the Dodge Theater in downtown Phoenix. Hilary Duff was holding a 1 p.m. concert and it looked like every 8-years old in Arizona and Southern California was there. Not bad when tickets were $50 a piece.

Welcome to Tiffany Giardina; the next BIG thing. Forget Demi (Lovato) or Selena (Gomez). Giardina has a set of pipes that would challenge those expensive church organs.

She’s 15, just a bit younger than rock phenom Miley Cyrus. There are lots of similarities. What sets Cyrus apart from the High School Musical crowd is her ability to rock old school, and I mean Buddy Holly or Rick Nelson style. My daughter just called and said she had discovered a new group called the Everly Brothers and loved them. Okay. Now you see why Cyrus and Giardina are appealing to tweens. They continue a 60 years long tradition of drums, bass and beat.

The amazing thing is you can download the WHOLE new CD, “I’m No Angel,” on Amazon for $1.98. Jump at that one, parents!

The first time I heard Giardina was an online radio station. It was a song from “Another Cinderella Story.” Didn’t buy that CD, but I did get “We’ve Got Christmas.”

Hopefully Giardina’s promotion team will be wise enough to place her on a Disney show – they only last three years, so she’s at the right age for a “Phil of the Future”-type of gig.

Advising her team, release “Candy” right away! Recognition factor and great production. Will be #1 on Radio Disney in a week. For those who are smart enough to get the CD and think “Lollipop” sounds familiar, think one-hit-wonder. I believe it is the same as “My Boy Lollipop” done in 1964 (year of The Beatles) by Millie Small (Millie, not Miley – jeez, does history repeat or what).

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