Sunday, May 9, 2010

Disney duo Miley Cyrus & Demi Lovato starring in 2011's LOL: Laughing Out Loud

Disney duo Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato are set to star in LOL: Laughing Out Loud, due in movie theaters in 2011.

Cyrus spoke
about the film with international news agency Reuters about the movie and her upcoming CD:

Cyrus, 17, said she expects to play the lead in a "really dark, edgy and cool" movie called "LOL: Laughing Out Loud" -- a U.S. remake, currently in development, of a 2009 French movie.

"It is pretty gnarly," Cyrus told Reuters. "It is about a daughter who is involved with all the wrong kids, doing drugs, failing school, but the mother has her on this perfect pedestal. I just fell in love with the story."

It's the kind of role that Cyrus clearly relishes as she leaves behind the schoolgirl turned pop star "Hannah Montana" that made her a worldwide tween idol in 2006.

"I had been wanting to get out of what people think as the obvious choice for me to do next. You have no idea how many musicals came to my door," Cyrus said.

"It was so freeing to not be, like 'Alright, I'm happy!' and getting to be real and working with life's real emotions. People are so used to me playing the happy girl," she said.

As her rapid-fire delivery suggests, Cyrus is in a hurry to move on, even while still filming the fourth and final series of "Hannah Montana". It debuts on Disney Channel in July and the final episode will be aired in the spring of 2011.

"A new chapter is beginning and one that has been my life for the past five years is ending. It is interesting to be leaving my security blanket behind, but also it is exciting for me to get involved in this movie career," she said.

"This is my last record for a little while. I am going to take a break from music. I just want to continue doing film. I really want to focus and perfect one craft, and that's going to be movies for me. I hope I'll do a record sometime later but for right now, it is the last thing on my mind," she said.


  1. the movie sounds alright, but why are they doing it?

  2. Actually, it's Demi Moore, not Demi Lovato. Ha.