Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hannah Montana Forever CD already online
Unavailable for purchase for about 2 months

Once more, why buy the CD? Hannah Montana Forever, or Hannah Montana 4 soundtrack, Miley Cyrus' second 2010 CD (will we see Hannah Montana 2: 18, Legal and Dangerous movie CD by the end of the year?) is available online.

To hear the soundtrack, click here. Soundtrack:

  1. "Are You Ready"
  2. "Kiss It Goodbye"
  3. "Que Sera"
  4. "Need a Little Love" feat.
  5. "Barefoot Cinderella"
  6. "Ordinary Girl"
  7. "Been Here All Along"
  8. "This Boy, That Girl" feat.
  9. "I'm Still Good"
  10. "I'll Always Remember You"
  11. "Wherever I Go" feat.

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