Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Miley Cyrus follows in Hilary Duff footsteps
Can't Be Tamed falls from from #3 to #9

Yes, the show Hannah Montana had to have a blond to follow Lizzie McGuire, one of Disney's most popular television shows of all time. In 2003 the McGuire star, Hilary Duff, went platinum three times (nearly 4-million sold) with Metamorphosis. By 2007, Duff was down to gold, 500,000 units, with Dignity.

From 2007 on, everything Miley Cyrus touched turned to platinum, not gold. Number 1 albums almost consecutively. Then something happenes in late 2009. In 2007. you couldn't touch a sold out Miley Cyrus concert ticket for under $1,000. In 2009, she sold out few if any of her concerts. Her song with Timbaland did not reach the top 100. Her song with Bret Michaels did not chart. Now, Can't Be Tamed, one of at least two CDs she'll release this year, didn't hit #1. It is falling faster than a rock in water.

Don't be too dismayed, though. When she tours late this year, her total income for four years will exceed half-a-billion dollars

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