Thursday, February 19, 2009

This wouldn't happen to Hannah Montana Miley Cyrus

Tiffany Giandina blew me off on Valentine’s Day. She was in my town and didn’t even call.

Sure, I crown her with accolades like vocal cords that sound like expensive church organ pipes, but she doesn’t call. Call her the “next big thing,” not even an email. Is she a diva in the making? Next time,Tiffany, call. She doesn’t even twitter me at phoenixrichard. Even the world’s best governor’s wife does that!

In the immortal words of some movie character, “how wued.”

I feel so sorry for her. Everyone’s expecting home-town girl Jordin Sparks and here’s this little waif filling up the arena with her powerful vocals.

The acoustics in this arena are the second worst in the U.S. The worst is the former Suns arena at the state fairgrounds. I once saw Bruce Springsteen at US Airways Center. Paid nearly $100 for the highest seat in the place. All I could hear was the bass. It was so strong I had to leave. Poor Tiffany.

Yet, I probably shouldn’t forgive her. She’s going to be in a Phoenix suburb called Los Angeles this weekend and she hasn’t called me for that one either. What’s up with that, Tiff? Too much homework?

Come to think of it, Aly nor AJ call when they’re in town. Brit did! We’ll have to do poolside plus a spring training ball game when you come in March, Brit. So we know who the tween divas are!

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