Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The $400,000 per day teenager

Let’s face it, 2008 was a bad year economically for everyone. In 2007, Miley Cyrus averaged $400,000 per day with CD sales, a Walmart deal, a tour, and Hannah Montana TV show.

2008 was not as lucrative for Cyrus. She could have been in a funk due to breaking up with Nick Jonas. Alas, an eye-candy boy-toy helped ease that situation. All she had was a #1 CD, Breakout, which didn’t even reach 400,000 first week sales and did not break Mariah Carey’s record. She also had Bolt, a movie that flopped, and was stiffed for a return to High School Musical 3. She did have racy photos in Vanity Fair.

If early material released from Hannah Montana The Movie is any indication, it should re-ignite her career – and earning power. Release date as of now is set for April 10, 2009. That could be pushed back again. This movie was originally supposed to come out for Christmas, 2008. For more on the plot, visit

Cyrus had many stars chasing after her earning power fame in 2008. Jonas Brothers lead the pack, second - Taylor Swift, trailing was Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez. Looks like Hannah’s back in 2009. I will predict a tour, too. Bet it will be Lovato as the opening act.

You heard it here first - biggest first weekend sales in Disney history. That's my prediction!

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