Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Then why should I go see the Hanna Montana movie?

To quote Jonasmontana.wordpress.com, “Its release date keeps getting pushed back – not a good thing in the entertainment biz. Now scheduled for Easter, 2009.”

A day after Miley Cyrus says she won’t do another Hannah Montana film, even the director says he is kaput with the whole thing. This from E-Online – “Miley Cyrus isn't the only one saying we probably won't be seeing a sequel to the not-even-released yet Hannah Montana movie.

“The musical movie's director, Peter Chelsom, also predicts this is it for Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana on the big screen.”

People, you’re getting a red flag this movie is terrible. You don’t need to see spots to tell a dog. Yet parents will pay up to $10 per child to see this when it will be on DVD and Blu-Ray around the winter holidays. Is it really that important to see a movie when it’s released? Go read a Mark Twain book. It is more entertaining and better for the mind. Save your money. You work hard for it; why go in and say, “I should have listened to Tween Music blog and saved my money.

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