Saturday, March 21, 2009

This week's pick hit

Allow me to introduce to Tweens a brand new artist. His name is Prince. He used to go by a symbol and you may have heard him on Mom or Dad's radio station singing about purple rain or that little red Corvette.

His newest song is "
Colonized Mind." Wait 'til you hear this, if you ever do. Seems Prince is releasing three CDs all at once, for $12 (total - all 3) through Target.

Limited distribution agreements have only worked for The Eagles. "All Wrapped Up," Disney's Christmas CD, was released through Target. It wasn't even listed on Target's Web site.

Guns 'n' Roses' "Chinese Democracy" sank with a limited distribution through Best Buy.

"Colorized Mind" has some fantastic guitar playing. Hope you get to hear it. A link has been provided above.

Marketing Sociologist has noted, downloads are surpassing any other form of music sales, hitting 1-billion last year. Why wouldn't Prince want to optimize his marketing with it on YouTube, MySpace, Amazon, iTunes and other venues? Target is not the brightest music marketer in the world. It doesn't look like they will offer this as downloads. Here's how they describe Prince, "the Soul legend." Yeah, right, and Miley Cyrus sings heavy metal.

Prince should take a lesson from a 15-years old New Jersey girl. Tiffany Giandina offered her first CD as a download for $1.98 for like the first day or week. Now it is at $9.99, which is still a bargain.

Good luck to Prince on this. It is a great work. He is going to be on late night TV like U2 recently did. The music world is waking up that print media in no longer a way to build brand awareness. The world is switching from public relations (similar to buggy whip manufacturing) to marketing sociology. Remember you heard it here - and the Prince song, too - first.

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