Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Whatever happened to Aly & AJ

Yes, radio super stars answer their emails. Got an email this morning for AJ Machado (isn’t that pulled pork in Spanish) of KHTS 93.3 FM San Diego.

When the email came in, my heart raced. Thought it was from A J (Amanda) Michalka (Can I help it she has an impossible last name).

AJ’s email got me thinking. Whatever happened to Aly & AJ? Did they fall off the musical world like Willa Ford who promised she wouldn’t be a one-hit wonder – right.

They were supposed to be in the studio, but their web site has not been updated since New Year’s Day. Enquiring minds want to know what happened to Aly & AJ?

My advice has been to tour with the new songs, much like ‘70s bands did. See how the crowd reacts to them. Then put them on an “album” after forging them through the fire called “the road.”

Here’s some more advice. Go on tour right after the Hannah Montana movie. You’re all blond; the public will get you confused. It will build your popularity. It is called riding the coattails, but when those coattails are bringing the originator $400,000 per day, why not ride them? (Like the Jonas Bros. and Demi Lovato don't know about this.)

Look forward to hearing from you, Aly & AJ, and it was terrific hearing from AJ (the playhouse one).

Don’t know his name, but this drummer drives the energy at Aly & AJ live.


  1. did people ever think that they where on hold maybe they just want to take a break of being in the spoylight all the time

  2. Wow, Anon, sounds more like Aly than AJ talking. You know, Annette Funnicello took a break, too.

    Aly & AJ are reportedly working on their new CD, partial song list is available.

    If you've ever seen them in concert, five days without seeing this group is TOO long. I've seen Clapton at his best, saw Hendrix four times, Rod Stewart and ZZ Top at their best. Aly & AJ may be the best I've ever seen.


  4. Seeriously wht happened to them these vidoes don't explain anything.Are they going to have a one-hit wonder?Nobody knows because these videos do nothing.It's just all we want to know is if Aly+AJ are still great.

  5. They stopped because they had a stalker. And they weren't just a one hit wonder, they had 4 albums out and they don't need to ride on their coattails because they were well known before Hannah Montana or any of those crappy singers came out.

  6. What happened they are the bomb.. I miss them and they need to come back. But Hannah Montana will never rock the STAGE and WORLD like Aly & Aj did. There are all these questions like: Are they still famous? Where did Aly & Aj go? Are they gone forever? Well we don't know the answers and we need _ANSWERS_. Thats why we came here but they didn't tell us anything about them. They told us about some one else that we don't care about. We care about Aly & Aj. Like Hannah Montana is a good singer and that but Aly & Aj are better. Some people say Aly & Aj splited up for good. But I don't buy it.

  7. you guys ... the name ALY & AJ is part of Hollywood Records . Now they left Hollywood Records and changed their band name to 78violet . They are not gone =.=

  8. Wow but I've seen them in movies they did have a stalker though they r still famous even thought they r not making more musik

  9. they came back they just released a album called hothouse