Friday, December 11, 2009

Tween music not in decade top 20
Disney tops out at #44
Taylor Swift at #53 & 56
Where's Miley Cyrus?

Won't mention what band had the top CD for the 21st Century's first decade. It is too horrific and says volumes about how bad music was - almost as bad as the '90s.

Tween music didn't show up until Avril Lavigne hit #21 with Let Go. P!nk hit #38 with M!ssundazstood.

Disney didn't make the chart until #44 with, drum roll please, High School Musical - how fitting.

Taylor Swift, who's rise to power only really came in the last year, was #53 and #56 with
Fearless. She beat the original Tween queen Hilary Duff who came in at #80 with Metamorphosis. Britney Spears didn't crack until #81 with ...Baby One More Time.

Where's Miley? The first
Hannah Montana soundtrack came in at #84 (Volume 2 at #112). Way behind Gretchen Wilson who came in #57 with Here for the Party. Yet Cyrus' Breakout didn't even chart - even Joe did, but not Cyrus, unless I missed it. Also, may have missed it, but Hannah Montana nor Cyrus never charted on the hot singles (100) of the Aughts. I'm sure both Miley & Hilary are crying all the way to the bank about not being in decades Hot 100. Colbie Caillat made it!

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