Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Vanessa discusses getting naked for movie

The Internet is a Twitter or a buzz about Vanessa Hudgens saying she will eventually get naked for a movie role. Hey Vanessa, every guy in the world already has that photo downloaded.

What we rather see is you touring right after Bandslam is released. For the past three months her last “album (Identified)” has been my standard of what new music should sound like. You notice Britney’s “Circus” sounded like it. Ashley Tisdale’s new song, “It’s All Right, It’s Okay.” Vanessa, saw a whole bunch of producers. Who gave you that great sound?

You’re a FANTASTIC vocalist. Waiting to see Bandslam to judge you as an actress (and Alyson Michalka). If we want to see you naked, we’ll use our imagination and watch the video from Ellen where you had a nice shirt on – lucky Zac!

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