Friday, May 15, 2009

Shanica Knowles, you – and your marketing impress me

Go to Shanica Knowles’ (Amber on Hannah Montana) MySpace page.

Would like to pat myself on the back that she’s listening to me, but she’s probably figured some marketing skills on her own.

For some time I have advocated bands limit their online music to 90 seconds (except for YouTube), and offer a “buy” option. Well, when you check out Knowles’ MySpace page, that’s what you get.

Ms.Knowles – you need to add a YouTube of “Can You Handle Me”. I realize the “official” video is probably in production, but this song is so hot you should get it up NOW. I also appreciated embedded videos before anyone else and downloads – hint, hint.

If listeners are expecting her cousin, Beyonce’s, sound – forget it. This talent belongs on Hollywood Records. You listening Bob Cavallo?

Sorry for the sound quality, but this is as priceless as those clips of those famous stars who tested for “Star Wars” in the ‘70s and didn’t make it.

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