Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tell Vanessa Hudgens – Zac Efron keeps it up
Coining a new phrase for today’s toddlers – SECOND DECADE!

Weekend box office figures are out. Zac Efron’s been at it for five weeks. He may have tumbled all the way to number six, but taking in three and a half million for the weekend, or nearly $60-million total for five weeks, isn’t bad.

There’s a glut of Tween movies due soon, including a Harry Potter I predict will be the most successful of the year – we’ll see. Then, “I Love You Beth Cooper,” which will make Hayden Panettierre an even bigger star (Demi Moore ranking) and Bandslam with Vanessa Hudgens, Alyson Michalka, Lisa Kudrow (Friends) and I just heard David Bowie. Really?

Previously reported here how Tweens are setting history creating the highest box office receipts ever. Increased prices help, a hot summer and one of the largest homogeneous demographics in history. They will be eclipsed in 10 years – a decade from now - when the largest birth year in history, 2007, reaches Tween status. Wonder who their stars will be? Hopefully they’ll be following Zac and Vanessa as people watch Brad and Angelina today. Think – Hannah Montana will be the 21st Century’s Second Decade generation’s Britney Spears or Madonna!

Let me coin a new phrase – I coined the Zack and Cody generation for today’s Tweens. Now I will dub today’s toddlers – soon to be a greater economic force than Zack and Cody generation – the Second Decade!

Speaking of Hannah Montana the movie, it fell out of the Top 10, but brought in another $1.5-million for a total of $76-million. Yes, there will be a sequel – Hannah Montana: 18, Legal and Dangerous. Her and the director say no, but remember the phrase, “Money talks; bull…. walks.”

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