Saturday, November 21, 2009

American Music Awards 2009
Will Lady GaGa steal Taylor Swift’s crown?
Beyonce wins

First, let’s give Taylor Swift the favorite female country artist right now. Let’s give Michael Jackson pop/rock favorite album. Doubt if Swift is a match for death.

Beyonce will walk with favorite female soul/r&b artists.

Unlike other music prognosticators, I don’t believe Michael Jackson will triumph in the artist of the year. Believe it will go to Swift, due to the money factor, but Lady GaGa has a chance due to popularity.


NOV 22

6:41 p.m. - Taylor Swift beats Lady GaGa best female pop/rock. That was a given, as is country female

7:15 - Beyonce best female soul/R&B, what did I tell you?

8:12 In your face - best female country - Swift!

8:53 - If you're counting, 4 out of 4 Swift best artist while Jackson gets album.

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