Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Taylor Swift youngest winner
CMA Entertainer of the Year

Why wait for tonight. We all know who's going to be named CMA entertainer of the year. Ironic ABC Television has this awards show and six months from now we have the ACM Awards. Disney knows how to make $$$$, pitch those country music awards shows.

Would bet Swift would take home the female vocalist award, but ABC is smart. Need to cover the baby-boomer audience, so most likely will go to Reba McEntire or Carrie Underwood. Personally, I vote for Selena Gomez! Aly & AJ would have won, but haven't heard from them musically since that newly discovered African dinosaur roamed the earth.

Also predicting Swift's Fearless gets album of the year. Could also go to Sugarland. Anyone else is a shill.

Start a Band by Brad Paisley with Keith Urban has a shot at beating Swift's Love Story for video of the year. Wait, who are we kidding? This is ABC awards where $$$$ rules - Swift! Beyonce if Kanye West is judging.

What, 15 didn't get nominated for song of the year? Swift not in that category?
8 p.m. update - Album of the year - Fearless!
8:30 p.m. update - Video of the year, no, not Beyonce, Love Story.

9:15 p.m. - Marketing $ociologist correct again - Taylor Swift CMA entertainer of the year!

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