Monday, November 2, 2009

Dang girl, Selena Gomez Disappears
Beats Vanessa Hudgens for song of year

In August my daughter discovered Selena Gomez when I blogged Dang, girl Selena Gomez Kiss & Tell. Was one of Tween Music's most read blogs. Will admit I have yet to put Kiss & Tell through the car stereo proving ground, but this weekend I was "spinning" Wizards of Waverly Place CD.

I'm knocked out by
Disappear. I thought Vanessa Hudgens Everything I Own from Bandslam would get my "song of the year" for sure; until I heard Disappear. Both songs have fantastic chord progressions. According to Billboard, neither Hudgens or Gomez songs were released as singles. Billboard credits Hudgens with three songs to chart, Come Back to Me, Say OK and Sneakernight. None for Gomez.

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