Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ke$ha next big thing
Dies rapidly as Vampire Weekend
Tops Billboard charts tomorrow
Taylor Swift closing in on singles chart

Ke$ha, lauded by the media as the next big thing, Gaga Jr., spent one week at the top of Billboard's top 200 charts. Even American Idiot winners David Archuleta and David Cook made it to the #2 spot on the top 200.

Ke$ha falls to #3, selling about 150,000 total CDs - which isn't bad and beat Ashley Tisdale's two week 30,000 for Guilty Pleasure five fold.

Not sure if Ke$ha will remain at the top of the singles chart, but Taylor Swift's Today was a Fairytale will take #1 single within the next three weeks - as soon as radio stations start playing it.

Vampire Weekend is an Owl City sound-alike. Listen to Jack's Mannequin or Something Corporate for better talent in this arena.

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