Saturday, March 13, 2010

How RUDE is Nick Jonas?
Visits MY Sonoran desert
Doesn't bring Administration
Doesn't even call

John Taylor, of Jonas Brothers' Love Bug fame, Tweets, @nickjonas smashed the ball today during Dodgers batting practice. Nick Tweets, Had an amazing time at spring training with the Dodgers and my boy @johnlloydtaylor Definitely a dream come true

How rude of Mr. Jonas to visit my Sonoran desert and not bring The Administration for a gig. If Mr. Jonas sticks around for St. Patrick's Day, he can enjoy his beloved Dodgers playing a Cactus League home game against the Chicago White Sox when it will be 80 degrees.

Well, Mr. Jonas, you missed a lovely St. Patrick's Day parade today. While you where shagging balls (did you bring Selena Gomez?), I spent the day in 72 degree weather watching six bands - not a one of them The Administration.

Wednesday you can get into the Phoenix Art Museum free, Mr. Jonas (like you can't afford it) and see rare Ansel Adams photographs - that's after you shag your Dodgers' balls.

Ironically Mr. Jonas visits Arizona when it is spring break. If he were old enough, he could catch comedian Chelsea Handler. He can watch the Ostrich Festival running nearly two decades (has music); the Renaissance Festival, professional bull riding, Aloha Festival. Flogging Molly will be here Wednesday. Both Black Eyed Peas and Paul McCartney the same week as WWE Wrestlemania. Tonight you could catch the Rhythm Room All Stars, probably best blues band in the world - oops, there's that age thing again. If this strikes you, there's something called the Samurai Comic Anime Fest. Drunk Otis plays Joe's Grotto on St. Pat's - dang, that age thing again. Sevendust are here tomorrow, or catch a Suns home game.

Of course, you may believe there's nothing to do in the desert and already be headed back to Los Angeles or Texas - oh, did you visit (your) grandma in southwest Phoenix while you were here, young man?

You could always run into Mohammad Ali, as I did two weeks ago. Nils Lofgren of Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band, all of Dokken, Dave Mustaine, Sam Moore of Sam & Dave, Twilight author Stephenie Meyer, Malcolm in the Middle's Frankie Muniz. Maybe not enough for you to do in the desert.

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