Thursday, March 25, 2010

You know you're a nobody
If you haven't seen Last Song Movie
By tomorrow morning

In 1942 Aaron Copeland wrote Fanfare for the Common Man. Emerson, Lake and Palmer covered it 25 years later.

The Last Song movie opens Wednesday, but it premiers tonight at Los Angeles' ArcLight Hollywood Cinema. Right now watching Miley at premiere via KABC's On The Red Carpet.

It may be Alyson Michalka's 21st birthday, but the person she had a facial with on Tuesday is going and neither of the Michalka sisters were invited. They sit watching Repo Man while Ashley Tisdale is enjoying the premier. Both Tisdale and birthday girl Michalka are filming the Hellcats movie, too.

ashleytisdale On my way to the last song premiere!!! Can't wait to see it!

78violet At The Tranquility Tea Room with Aly! We've been going to Tea Rooms ever since we were little! Xo AJ

78violet Celebrating Aly turning 21! I'm hosting a big bash for her on April 2nd, might have a lil more than just tea at that one ;) Xo AJ

78violet Of course what movie would we be going to after tea? Not the obvious, Alice In Wonderland....REPO MEN!!!! Xo AJ

There were even online contests to see the premier. Since I sit in the Sonoran Desert and haven't seen Alice in Wonder, Repo Man, The Runaways; you know I'm not one of the blessed people going to The Last Song premiere. Fanfare to the Common Man, indeed.

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