Thursday, March 18, 2010

Orianthi: Overnight sensation
Three years in the making
21st Century Eddie Van Halen?

She's an overnight sensation being on American Idol last night. According to You peaked at #17 on Billboard's Hot 100, this week #18. Ryan Seabiscuit calls her one of rocks newest pioneers.

Orianthi started earlier than 2007. I became familiar because of the Bratz soundtracks (one of the best and the movie had Malese Jow and fellow Sonoran desert inhabitant Chelsea Staub). The same year as Bratz, she had a CD Violet Journey that is probably as rare as Jonas Brothers' It's About Time.

Thought the hot woman in We Are The World 25 was Colbie Calliat. Now need to go back and see if it was Orianthi. Gotta love a woman who has a custom made 24-fret Paul Reed Smith guitar and names it (Pepper - same as my first dog)!

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