Thursday, February 18, 2010

Putting on the income breaks
Miley Cyrus falls from half million per day
in 2009 to $3,500 per day in 2010

TMZ recently reported Selena Gomez makes $11,000 per show for The Wizards of Waverly Place. Believe it or not, Miley Cyrus makes little more for the fourth season of Hannah Montana.

Cyrus had a fabulous 2009. She had her book, Miles to Go. She filmed The Last Song and had the Hannah Montana movie.

She released three albums – Hannah Montana movie soundtrack, The Time of Our Lives and Hannah Montana 3. Each sold extremely well and placed millions in her pocket.

Her biggest $$$ maker in 2009 was the Wonder World tour with 45 dates that netted $1-million per show, not including the T-shirt and show items sales.

Let’s be generous at Hilary Duff Miley Cyrus’ financial outlook for 2010. She has a few movie projects in the offering, but nothing concrete. She is currently filming the final season of Hannah Montana, 26 episodes that ends filming in March. Let’s be generous - $600,000 for those 26 episodes. No CD in the offering, but it would be foolish of Disney not to offer one last Hannah Montana soundtrack, like they did with the Lizzie McGuire movie that sent Hilary Duff into career oblivion.

Cyrus may be filming Wings this year, but IMDB lists the project in development and no filming announced.

She has royalties from all her past material, and she may even make some $$$ from The Last Song, if it breaks even. There will also be a soundtrack from that movie. That appears to be it for Cyrus for 2010.

Again, being generous, from royalties and the Walmart revenue – if there is any residuals from that – she’s making another $600,000 for the year. That equates to roughly $3,500 per day. Going to be rough, how is she going to live off that? Seems the economy is bad in Disney universe like everywhere else.

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