Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What does Miley Cyrus The Last Song movie
have in common with Amanda Seyfried Dear John

Wonder how hottie Amanda Seyfried is tied to Miley Cyrus? Both star in 2010 in a movie written by Nicholas Sparks. Dear John has grossed $56-million in two weeks. Miley Cyrus prays The Last Song will do that well.


  1. I don't know.... I don't like Miley for this movie.... maybey I'm just being bias.

  2. Thank you Susy_09. You said it better than I have. Proof Miley is the next Hilary Duff - I know, who? All power to the new Tween queen, Taylor Swift (oops, over), Demi Lovato (oops, over), Avril Lavigne (oops, over), Lady Gaga (oops, over), Selena Gomez (oops, over), Ke$ha