Friday, February 19, 2010

Aly and AJ 78violet
Dumped by record label

Rather than sending out a Twitter or Facebook comment, 78violet Aly & AJ sent this email, we can tell you we’re no longer a part of Hollywood Records. What does that mean exactly??? Now we have the freedom to take 78violet in the direction we want. We’re writing and recording new music and are really excited on what’s next.
They added, We’re going to be taking the Aly & AJ website down. That pretty much means they were dumped by their label, Hollywood Records and their CDs are headed to the cutout bin.
Finalizing the fiasco, they added, As for the album we recorded for Hollywood, honestly, we don’t foresee it ever being released. But…we are continuing to write and record new songs that we hope you’ll love as much as we do. That pretty much means Hollywood saw no commercial value to the stuff they've done since their last album, Insomniatics (released in 2007 - three years ago).
A year ago I blogged Whatever happened to Aly & AJ. The advice was to tour. In the forthcoming book, Building the Band Brand: Becoming famous in the 21st Century, there's a whole chapter (one of the longest in the book) on the need to tour.
Another point that may have contributed to the demise of 78violet’s association with Hollywood was a lack of focus (goal setting, again in the book). Like so many girls who want to be musicians, they go off on an acting tangent and forget the music (seems to have happened to Vampire Diaries Malese Jow, plus many more that won’t be mentioned. Jow is realizing more success in acting than she was with music, but I love her voice.).
Best of luck to Aly and AJ for several years you were my favs. On stage, you were in the David Bowie quality. Going to miss you.

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