Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Jessica Simpson dropped from "country" division

Ever have one of those things happen in life where it seems the worst thing in your life but it ends up being the best? Seems Sony’s “country” division dropped Jessica Simpson but the label is keeping her chained, I mean retaining her.

Jessica, you’re not only the most gorgeous woman who’s ever graced the planet, you can sing. First, get rid of that team handling your public image. Country – what the hell were they thinking? That – and Tony Romo – was some of the worst advice you’ve received.

Check this video of Public Affair. You had other great songs, too. Spoke to John Mellencamp – he doesn’t mind that you launched your career off Larry Crane's riff. Guess he saw what you looked like, too. Hey, how many times has he been married? Country killed his career. Don’t let it happen to you, Jessica.

Look at that video. You made stars of Christina Applegate, Eva Longoria and the third girl with you who I’ve never known her name – famous. I believe the guy in the video is Justin Gaston who went on to fame by dating a 16-years old who makes $400,000 per day. You even made Andy Dick famous for a second.

Personally, if I were your manager, I’d get you out from under Sony’s clutches, get Ne-Yo to pen you some songs and get a new CD out NOW! Let blogs like this embed your videos for more publicity. That’s why you need to get away from Sony!

Also, get your Twitter page fixed. It dosen't work. Make me your first add - phoenixrichard.

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