Sunday, April 19, 2009

Efron #1

This does not bode well for Hannah Montana Movie 2 – 18, Legal and Dangerous. My prediction that Hannah Montana Movie would again be #1 actually saw it drop to #4 at the weekend movie box office. OMG!

Number One – drum roll please – Zac Efron. Ah, what the heck. No one knows the name. It has Zac Efron, today’s Errol Flynn. Saturday Night Live – don’t think he did the Disney rounds on this one. Is he maturing? Girls 8 to 45 don’t care as long as he takes his shirt off.

An advertiser would be smart to have Efron as their spokes model.

Efron did half of what Hannah Montana Movie did, $24-mill, its opening weekend. Cyrus’ venture dropped to 13 mill. How’s she going to reach $500,000 per day if she doesn’t keep this movie afloat? If I were her publicity people, this week it would be Good Morning America, Radio Disney, calling every radio show – “I just wanted to talk, y’all. Wasn’t that Britney Circus fabulous? Did you catch my new movie yet? Let’s give away some tickets!”

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