Thursday, April 23, 2009

I want Guilty Pleasure, Ashley Tisdale

Allow me to deem Ashley Tisdale brilliant. I knew I had heard It’s Alright, It’s Okay, her new song, somewhere. This still may not be the right one, but it is close.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of speaking to my wonderful daughter face-to-face. Unfortunately my daughter is of the Lindsay Lohan, Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen generation and doesn’t understand singing along to Taylor Swift songs when they play. Alas, she’s not a Tween 12-year old anymore.

Our conversation was about if Aly and AJ release a CD with material similar to what they’ve done in the past that they are dead; or as finished with music as their peer Hilary Duff.

I played my daughter some Vanessa Hudgens. We discussed how Britney Spears, just months ago the scourge of the media, is once more its darling. Like her mentor Madonna, Britney is smart to transform.

Britney’s key is to STEAL from other - about to become popular - songs. Now, it appears Ashley Tisdale has done the same. Listen to V and Circus and you’ll hear similarities.

I loved Ashley Tisdale’s first CD, Headstrong. On High School Musical material her voice cracks and is played out like Hollywood Records plays out Miley Cyrus – whose voice is changing and is cracking.

I’m really looking forward to Guilty Pleasure, even though Tisdale has over-hyped it on MySpace and Twitter. Great that she’s using those marketing tools, though. Twenty-first Century celebrity!

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