Saturday, September 19, 2009

Darn. Miley Cyrus gives up attempt to kill audience in Oakland
NOW she starts listening to Marketing Sociologist

For months I've provided Miley Cyrus advice on this blog. Finally she listens to me, taking the fun out of the Wonder World 2009 tour. Last night in Oakland she gave up riding a Harley that weights tons and tons on four cables over the audience.

I was waiting for the headlines, Miley Cyrus motorcycle cable breaks, killing fans. Darn - why you listening to me now, Miley? Hell, it's been about a day since any Hollywood stars have croaked. When they have the awards banquets with all the stars that died in 2009, it will last until the next morning. We could have included all the Miley fans dieing at the hands of a runaway Harley.

Have a feeling it wasn't my advice (I am told she follows this blog), but the arena couldn't facilitate the cable rig - we can hope. Maybe that Harley will fall in Glendale on Friday. Will Jordin Sparks be under the Harley in her hometown? Good planning on eliminating the competition, Miley!

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