Saturday, September 5, 2009

Miley Cyrus 2010
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Hardest working teenager in show business

Miley Cyrus wraps her 2009 tour in the UK just before the New Year. Right now she’s rehearsing for the tour, after wrapping The Last Song movie less than two weeks ago.

She just released The Time of Our Lives EP that debuted at #3 this week on Billboard charts.

Good bet she’ll be on what used to be Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Years; is it now Ryan Seabiscuit’s Rockin’ New Years? After all, she’ll be doing radio and morning news shows (Cyrus KNOWS how to do 21st Century marketing) at the beginning of the year promoting The Last Song.

Heard it here first like 2009 Miley Cyrus tour announcement (April 11, 2009)

Now you heard it here first. Following The Last Song, she’ll be doing season four of what will be called Hannah Montana on Deck (see link).

Girls Just Want to Have Fun movie

Cyrus said she recently met Cyndi Lauper and was impressed. That’s why she did Girls Just Wanna Have Fun on Breakout. So impressed, that is one of two films Cyrus is scheduled to shoot after season four of Hannah Montana wraps (approximately summer 2010).

Possibly before Girls Just Want to Have Fun, Cyrus is scheduled to shoot a movie called Wings. Understand this is tentative. Believe Girls Just Want to Have Fun is another Momma Tish (Cyrus’ mother) production like The Last Song.

A personal prediction is Hannah Montana II: Legal and Dangerous movie following the fourth season wrap. Check the photo. Isn’t that Miley signaling Hannah Montana II?


  1. ilove miley cyrus! her singing is amazing.also her t.v. show.

  2. Miley Cyrus i love you soo. you are so Great !
    i will meet you =)

    in love Lena :)

  3. oh mein gott ist sie hesslich

  4. i Love you miley,...
    ,,i love the way she sing, dance..and everything...I LOVE YOU Miley,..