Thursday, September 3, 2009

More proof Tween music dead
Colbie Caillat topples Miley Cyrus
Time of Our Lives debuts at #3

Plugged her enough – Colbie Caillat broke through with Breakthrough to debut #1 on Billboard’s Top 200, selling 106,000 CDs. Someone named Skillet debuted at #2 with Awake. Miley Cyrus could have been #1, except The Time of Our Lives is a Walmart “exclusive” plus an EP. Maybe it should have been considered under the Hot 100 instead. She held the same #3 spot on the singles chart with Potty in the U.S.A.

Both Caillat and Skillet, a Linkin Park/Daughtry sound-a-like, offered twice as many songs as The Time of Our Lives for only $2 more. Even music buyers want value today.

Ashley Tisdale is still on the charts. Week five sees her at #162. Selena Gomez and 78violet (Aly & AJ) are missing – as are their new releases (when girls, when?). Also missing, which never even charted, the Bandslam soundtrack; pitiful.

Gomez made the singles chart debuting at #93 with Falling Down; and Magic falling to #91 after four weeks on the charts. 78violet could be there too. Next Worse Thing debuted weeks ago on KROQ. No release of the single yet, though - just like the CD and tour!

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