Monday, September 28, 2009

Taylor Swift breaking records
Makes nearly $40-million in one year
Forbes reports $16-million

Forbes listed Miley Cyrus' wages last year as $25-million, same as the Jonas Brothers, when she actually made well in excess of $100-million.

History repeats itself. Forbes listed Taylor Swift at $16-million. Here's a woman who has sold in excess of 8-million CDs. So, if you include only CD sales, Forbes hit it on the head. Doesn't include magazines, publishing rights, concerts. Forbes might want to look into those little things that add to an artist's revenue, pushing Swift close to the $40-million mark.

Swift is within striking distance of having her debut album spend the longest time on the Billboard 200 than any act since 1997, when charts criteria were changed. She's a week or two away from topping Shania Twain's record of top country female on the longevity trail.

Yet Forbes reports only $16-million. What about that little concert tour? Miley Cyrus is grossing $90-million on 45 dates, but will probably only net $25-million (I didn't know how elaborate that stage was). Swift had at least 55 dates. Once more, where does Forbes get its information?

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