Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Parent alert
More Miley money spending
The Last Song

Miley sent a Twitter yesterday that's going to result in you forking over $15 today, but it is a good thing. It will get your children reading.

mileycyrus The Last Song book came out today :)

The audio book version of Nicholas Sparks book is downloadable, but get your children reading; buy the book.

Get ready for songs from the soundtrack to come out around the 10th of October to build recognition for the movie due in January (beginning of the second decade). Miley will be on tour and its a good bet she'll add The Last Song tunes mid-tour - after I've seen the concert!

So a soundtrack $15, movie, about $20 per child when you figure in the popcorn and stuff and $20 for the book when you figure in shipping or taxes. Tour $100 per child. Miley's got your money!

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