Saturday, September 5, 2009

Miley Cyrus suffering morning sickess
It's true!

mileycyrus I feel like I'm falling apart. My tummy hurts so bad today =[ UGH! Why cant I just be healthy for a day! DOO DA DOO!

Luckier than me! I'm sick as a dog! At least my sissy is rad and is laying in my STREP infested bed with me. =]

Laying bed sick listening to Shane & Shane. "You’re not an image of gold. You’re the God of old. You have made us. Come and save us."

I feel so yucky today. Intense rehearsals are starting up and I have the worst head ache. I just wanna be cuddled. :(

My throat hurts wwweallyyy badly :(

Massive head ache :( nothing sushiii and friends can't fix :)


Update - is claiming Zac Efron is the father.


  1. what is it with ALL these Miley haters???? Just cuz Miley's experiencing some sort of sickness does not mean she is pregnant!!!!! Why all you haters what to assume the worse; perhaps its just a mad case of jealousy.

  2. As Hannah would say, Life is what you make it. Some people want to find haters, others want to find humor and laugh.

    If you make yourself a public figure, you must take what Leno, Jimmy, Letterman and everyone else dishes you.

  3. I don't dislike Miley or like her, i don't care either way BUT this video looks so put on i've never seen anyone of ANY age act like that..