Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Another first: September 2009 Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus CD

What do you do if you’re the most successful entertainer on the face of the Earth – no matter what Forbes says?

You release a CD/album before you tour!

So can we expect an early September CD from “Hannah Montana?” It would need to be under this moniker since the work would feature the “I Want To Know You” duet with David Archuleta, and “Ice Cream Freeze,” which premiered on “Hannah Montana.”

There is another option – instead of releasing a new CD, these two songs could be a concert melody with “Hoe Down, Throw Down" since all three sound the same.

There’s only one flaw with this new CD theory – Cyrus has not had time to record a full CD and will be busy filming “The Last Song” until her tour starts. Is she trying to steal James Brown’s “Hardest working man in show business” crown?

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