Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Marketing Sociologist first to announce Miley Cyrus tour – April 11
She will make $500,000 per day in 2009!

Who was the first to announce Miley Cyrus’ “fall” tour – yes, it was Marketing Sociologist at I made innuendoes since February, but it became official April 11 – a full two months before the tour’s official announcement.

At the end of April I questioned who would sponsor the tour and the opening act. I said, "Someone already knows – including every stop on the tour – but no one is talking." That was true. Today we learn it is Wal-Mart and Metro Station. Someone knew at the end of April.

With this tour, signing for a fourth season of Hannah Montana, the Hannah Montana movie and soundtrack – and an upcoming January premier of “The Last Song” (movie), Cyrus is on track to replicating her $400,000 per day year in 2007 – except probably $500,000 per day this year.

Her tour last year netted nearly $56-million, and that doesn’t include trash and trinket sales in the lobby of T-shirts and posters.

Interestingly, she’s leaving Live Nation for Ticketmaster to handle ticket sales. Live Nation has long had a stranglehold on Disney artists.

Looks like the same person who booked Taylor Swift’s current tour is booking Cyrus’. There’s no rhyme or reason for the mid-west and southern states leg of the tour. The west and east coasts make sense, but logistics breakdown in the mid-west.

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