Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Where does Forbes get its info?
Miley Cyrus makes $25-mill? - try $156M

Where does Forbes get its information? The evening of June 3, it released its 100 top celebrities and listed Miley Cyrus' income at $25-million. Where does this publication get its information?

Earlier this year I thought the publication chauvanistic because it listed U.S. residents Bill Gates and Warren Buffett richer than Mexico's Carlos Slim. Every other publication in the world lists Slim as the world's richest. If Miley Cyrus makes $400,000 per day, imagine what he makes!

Cyrus ranked 29th on the Forbes list. They also list Jonas Brothers income as $25-million, yet they rank 60th. Penn & Teller make the list, but not Demi Lovato, Aly & AJ, Ashley Tisdale or Zac Efron.

The hottest commodity in entertainment today, Taylor Swift, is listed at No. 69 with $18-million while Bruce Springsteen ranks No. 6 with $70-million. Forbes needs to check its facts!

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