Friday, June 19, 2009

Would love to share the story of David Archuleta’s dad allegedly paying a hooker

Would love to share with you a story of Jeff Archuleta, dad to American Idol David, who sings a duet with Miley Cyrus, in an alleged “uncompromising” position. Only problem is, the story is so poorly written it is rife with libelous material for Jeff Archuleta to make millions off Arizona Republic parent Gannett. The story – and headline – actually states Archuleta is guilty. Should make for an interesting libel law suit. Enjoy your millions, Mr. Archuleta – Jeff, not David. For the story – that I have no part in – click here.


Addendum - What the Republic article (very sloppy reporting) left out, from US Weekly, "Jeff Archuleta pleaded no contest and paid a $582 fine after being busted at the Queens of Reiki on Jan. 14 in Midvale, Utah." Still a libel suit!

Blog What Would Tyler Durden Do? was even more libelous. Shouldn't blog without a journalism degree, having studied "law of journalism." Jeff's going to be one rich guy with a rich lawyer.

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