Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Miley Cyrus signs up for fourth season
Hannah Montana "on Deck"?

The stalwart Hollywood Reporter is reporting Miley Cyrus has signed for a fourth season of Hannah Montana.

As reported here first, Cyrus is scheduled to begin filming “The Last Song” this month, with release due in January. From the Reporter, “As part of the deal, Cyrus will get a long hiatus to work on the feature ‘The Last Song,’ with production on the fourth season of ‘Hannah Montana’ slated to begin next year.”

It would appear that long hiatus will include a fall tour for Ms. Cyrus. Who is sponsoring that tour? Opening acts? Someone knows, as reported here, but no one is talking.

An interesting aspect from the Reporter, “The series will change settings next season, during which the Stewarts will grapple with saying goodbye to their beachfront Malibu home.” Since Disney is pushing its cruise line this summer, can we expect “Hannah Montana on Deck”? Don’t think so.

I have some solutions for grappling with saying goodbye to the Malibu home – mud slides, brush fires, earthquakes, Tommy Lee and Pam Anderson get back together and move in next door.

"‘That will provide the catalyst for wonderful new characters and further expand the storytelling opportunities,’ said Disney Channel Worldwide president Gary Marsh."

Looks like Emily Osment, Shanica Knowles and Mitchell Musso may be collecting unemployment with the rest of the nation. Or, as I said, the new characters are Dylan and Cole Sprouse – welcome to Hannah Montana on Deck!

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