Monday, August 24, 2009

Calculating Miley Cyrus income and net worth
Living off $40-million take home pay
What orifice did Forbes pull their figures from?

Forbes magazine put Miley Cyrus’ income at $26-million last year, same as the Jonas Brothers. CEOs and business leaders who worship the information in that magazine may want to consider this; how do you account for the $56-million in concert sales, in addition, a lucrative contract with Walmart during the 2007 Christmas season, CD sales, T-Shirt and poster sales at concerts, Miley World fees (a genius marketing tactic). Also, income from a little TV show called Hannah Montana, publishing rights on the songs she wrote and more.

Mainstream media and $26-million indeed. Yet mainstream media wonder why they’re going out of business.

On one of those sleepless evening, I recently calculated Miley Cyrus’ income and she’s not as rich as you think.

In 2009 she has a concert, a book, a TV show renewal, a movie, a movie soundtrack, a TV soundtrack, an EP exclusive with Walmart, a clothing design with Walmart, another movie due in January, The Last Song, probably a soundtrack from that. Let’s figure she’s on track to make $500,000 per day in 2009.

Yet everything is not rosy in Miley-land. First, there’s the AT LEAST 10 percent commission her agent (Mommy Tish?) gets, bringing her daily revenue down to $450,00. Let’s be conservative and say the government gets half that, leaving poor Miley with $225,000 per day. How will she survive? There’s the private jets to meet with Nick, Mitchel Musso show at the Grove and recording sessions in Nashville where Taylor Swift happens to be in the recording studio on the same day per Twitter. Yet where is a song from that collaboration? Oh, probably on The Last Song soundtrack! Remember you heard that here first.

So poor Miley is only going to make roughly $82-million this year. Hey, not so fast. There are musicians to be paid for that upcoming tour, hotel rooms. So let’s say she ends up with only $40-million this year.

Let’s hope her career has the longevity of The Rolling Stones instead of an American Idiot winner. Oh, her career has lasted longer than any of those already? She’s only 16!

On the other hand, let’s say her career is brief like Michelle Branch, Hilary Duff, Keke Palmer or Ashlee Simpson. For the past three years she’s brought home $40-million. That is a great nest egg for investing. If she bought apartment complexes and office buildings at the height of the depression last year, she’ll be sitting pretty for years to come. Much like her idol, Dolly Parton. Hope Ms. Parton has instructed her on investing – she’s an expert at it.

I rather have the actual $40-million she took home after taxes than the pre-tax $26-million Forbes reported.


  1. Lol I take it you have never paid taxes before, you said the goverment will take half? lol theres isnt any taxes close to 50%. your about 150,000 off..

    Second she doesnt pay for hotel rooms or band mates. acually this whole blog is about 3% correct(you got her name right) and 97% bullshit

  2. Let's say her tour grossed $56 Million. How much do you think she's gonna get from that?
    1) Every venue has to be paid
    2) The Tour production itself costs millions
    3) then there is the concert promoter, various managers, the musicians, dancers, construction workers and many more.

    She's lucky to get $10 Million out of that!

  3. To the first poster, actually, yes there is. If you earn more than a few hundred thousand a year, you pay close to 50% in taxes when you take into consideration state, federal, and misc. It's mid 40s.

  4. shes still a baller.

  5. Whoever commented first on this is ignorant of taxes. Miley Cyrus is taxed very close to 50%. Federal income tax is 35%, California State income tax is 9.8%, and the their is L.A. city taxes. Putting her just under 50% when combined. Now ofcourse that is only on short-term capital gains. If she invests her money from previous years she would only be taxed 15% + 9.8% for long term capital gains. A drastic difference. So if she had 20 million dollars after taxes, she could earn 1.6 million pre-tax on stock market dividends at an 8% interest. Now, this ofcourse would reduce nearly half because dividends are taxable within her income bracket (the highest). But always remember that if your paying taxes your making money.

  6. you forgot the money required by CA law that must be put away for under aged actors.

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