Sunday, August 9, 2009

Never believe your own hype
Does Miley Cyrus get her gossip at
Get well for TCA Miley

On July 26, after TMZ became T-MJ, all Michael Jackson all the time, I teasingly posted, Does Miley Cyrus get her gossip at From that blog, After posting the question if she and Taylor Swift are in the studio together in Nashville, here was Cyrus’ Twitter - Kickin' it at the studio with @mommytish =] yipee!

Now I need to wonder even more. On Aug. 5, 2009, sister site mentioned Tempe band The Maine. How about an up and coming band, The Maine? The Tempe, Ariz. based band hit #45 on Billboard’s Top Independent Albums. That means they probably didn’t see Tisdale’s $100,000, but since they are independent, they could have. Again, studio and production eats that up.

On Aug. 8, here is Cyrus’ Twitter mileycyrusListening to "I wanna love you" remix by The Maine. It's epic.

So the question remains, does Miley Cyrus follow Tween Music, Tween Marketing and Marketing Sociologist?

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