Thursday, August 13, 2009

Gloriana debuts high on Billboard 200
Charts evidence Tween music is dying

Are you listening to Tween Music Marketing Sociologist? Gloriana, written about here at the end of July, debuted as Billboard magazine’s second highest new release at #3. This fledgling group sold nearly double established artist Ashley Tisdale did with Guilty Pleasure. Gloriana came in at 44,000 units.

At 39 weeks on the charts, Taylor Swift’s Fearless held steadfast at #9, selling another 37,000 units – again more than Ashley Tisdale’s recent out of the box effort. Swift’s self titled debut is still charting #39 after 146 weeks – is this another Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon?

Speaking of Tisdale, I was beginning to think she fell off the chart completely. She landed at #56 after two weeks on the chart. A group you’ve never heard of, Chickenfoot, is doing even better. A reggae band, Rebelution, is doing better than Tisdale.

Hannah Montana Volume 3 dropped four spots, #11 after five weeks on the charts. Falling fast. Same with Demi Lovato’s Here We Go Again, from #1 to #14 in three weeks. Tween music truly is not selling. Again, two years ago Miley Cyrus sells out in 20 minutes, not even in three months today. Even Jonas Brothers are not selling out shows on their tour. Their CD, Lines, Vines and Trying Times, fell to #27 after eight weeks on the chart. Compare that to Black Eyed Peas; #4 after nine weeks.

Jordin Sparks’ Battlefield fell to #40 after three weeks, peaking at #7. Soon to be another forgotten American Idiot star? Remember Fantasia – yeah, I didn’t think so.

With Sugarland charting #1 and #21, Swift hanging on, looks like it’s time to “go country” (wasn’t there a song with that title?). Of course, next week it could be “go urban.”

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