Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How Summit Entertainment and Hollywood Records should debut Bandslam on
Good Morning America

ABC Television is owned by Disney. Hollywood Records is the Disney stars’ stable or record label.

ABC’s Good Morning America has built the careers of Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus and more on its Friday morning shows.

Unfortunately Kenny Chesney is scheduled for Aug. 14 and American Idiot stars for this Friday.

Too bad Chesney can’t call in sick. I had a wonderful idea for Summit Entertainment.

The hosts have a movie screen up, and they show a one minute clip of Bandslam, ending with Lisa Kudrow and the audience screaming. Then, right as the horns launch, the entire Bandslam band, with Alyson Michalka on guitar freeing Vanessa Hudgens to do her famous pose offs, jumps through the screen in a live performance – the full version, of Everything I Own.

I think it’d be terrific marketing and it hasn’t been done in quite some time.

Announcers end with, "Bandslam opens today." No talking to the stars. That’s how the show ends.

To be REALLY effective, as the movie screen falls to reveal drummer, etc., it is the Bandslam movie backdrop! Of course the band is dressed in what they wore in the movie.

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