Tuesday, August 11, 2009

End of Tween music
The Last Song soundtrack

Between now and the end of the year, there probably will be thousands of CDs released. Yet, I can only think of five upcoming Tween CDs, and the availability of each of those is iffy.

We have Miley Cyrus Time of Our Lives, a Wal-mart exclusive supposedly being released at the end of August; an EP, not a full CD.

She more than likely will have the soundtrack to The Last Song out before the end of the year, probably mid-part of her fall tour.

Due at the end of September, Kiss and Tell, Selena Gomez first effort.

Emily Osment is supposed to have a CD out this year (just found out pushed back to March, 2010). Hayden Panettiere was scheduled for June of 2008. Still haven’t seen that one.

Another Osment single (like Panettiere, she has at least a third of a CD from singles), All the Way Up, is set to launch this Friday.

When Hell freezes over, I mean due sometime this fall, is 78violet, Aly & AJ new CD. Third or fourth, depending upon the Christmas CD.

Their first CD, Into the Rush, is reportedly near the platinum stage – meaning 1-million units sold. Insomniatics is reportedly near gold, 500,000 units.

The Jonas Brothers, Taylor Swift nor any other Tween stars are slated for release this year. They’ve already released and toured.

Ashley Tisdale’s poor showing of 25,000 CDs out of the box demonstrates being a Tween star does not guarantee record sales. Her movie bombed as well; same as Hayden Panttiere’s I Love You Beth Cooper. If Bandslam does poorly at the box office, it is the death knell for the Tween trend. We already know the soundtrack will stiff.

Miley Cyrus tour still not sold out after three months of sales! Two years ago sold out in 20 minutes.

Look at all the music career carnage in recent years. Hilary Duff, one of my favorites - Skye Sweetnam, Christy Carlson Romano, sisters Lindsay and Ali Lohan or Ashlee and Jessica Simpson. The list goes on and on of artists who have had their three CD contracts and thrown aside by the music industry. As Andy Warhol said, 15 minutes of fame.

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