Friday, August 28, 2009

Today Miley Cyrus
Where’s Mandy Jiroux?
She better be on Miley’s tour or
I Want My Money Back


  1. SORRY, Mandy already twittered that she's not going on this tour with Miley.

  2. well I guess you need to get your money back because she won't be on the tour.
    she's too busy with her new band,

  3. But I'm seeing Miley in Mandy's home state. Another Sonoran desert bedouin.

  4. it sucks that she won't be on tour but she desevers to break out on her own she's so talented and tbg5 are amazing i wish i could see miley preform! u r so lucky 2 b going! u should be going to c miley anyway it's her concert! count your blessings I'd do anything to see her!

  5. fergielov4eva - bless you for your comment. Is there a way I can help you get to see the tour? Are you anywhere near one or do you live in some place like Argentina? Email